Spring 2016

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The AOSA’s twice yearly magazine is available now for students, optometric educations and pre-optometry students to read.  Published and written by students leaders at all 24 schools and colleges of optometry, Foresight features news and perspectives from students who are in the midst of their optometric education. Read it online or get a copy at your school.


Read the Fall 2015 Issue here

Read the Fall 2015 Issue here






Foresight is the official publication of the AOSA

Written almost exclusively by students, for students, Foresight is a twice-yearly magazine featuring exclusive coverage of the AOSA, the schools, and the relationships with national organizations that are critical to building a strong profession.  The latest issues are available right here, for you to read and enjoy.  Want to learn more? Send you thoughts to info at theaosa.org.

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The American Optometric Student Association (AOSA) represents 6,700 members at 24 schools and colleges of optometry in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Reaching these future practicing optometrists now will build the brand name familiarization that ensures future sales when these students begin practice in the real world.


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Read the Spring 2015 Issue online here

Fall 2014

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Foresight, the national publication of the AOSA, provides up-to-date articles and features on all aspects of the optometric profession as they relate to optometry students. These students (future practicing optometrists) are very interested in all new products and services.

Foresight is circulated two times annually; Fall issue (September-October), Spring issue (March-April). Issues are timed to effectively cover the academic calendars at all schools and colleges of optometry. Advertising in Foresight is an effective way to reach this important market.

To get started advertising in Foresight and for a rate card, visit here.

Printed copies of each issue are distributed at the schools and colleges of optometry, and an e-magazine edition is published on our website.

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