Stop by the AOSA Booth at Optometry’s Meeting for mugs, tees and more

Theresa Crowley will be managing AOSA’s booth at Optometry’s Meeting. Here, she practices setting up the display outside the AOSA office.

When the Exhibit Hall opens at 4 p.m. on Thursday, June 22, the AOSA will be ready for the record-setting number of student members.  For Optometry’s Meeting, AOSA will have more than 1,000 coffee mugs and 2,000 t-shirts, along with meeting pins, clipboards and ballcaps for our student members.  Students will be staffing the booth, and we will be joined on Friday afternoon by Kyle Cheatham, O.D., of KMK, who will take your questions.  Come say hi and walk away with your arms full — Booth #200.

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