Planning begins for AOSA’s 50th Anniversary in 2018

The AOSA’s first president Ray Myers, O.D., and 50th president Andy Mackner of Pacific University College of Optometry, meet to compare experiences and plan for AOSA’s 50th Anniversary in 2018.

The AOSA celebrates the 50th anniversary of its founding in 2018, and plans are taking shape to mark the occasion from many perspectives; we’ll look at the amazing progress in optometric education, the optometrists who emerged as student leaders and continued to fulfill their early promise; and the profession that was shaped over the decades by many talented, energetic new doctors.  AOSA is partnering with the Optometric Historical Society and others to bring you a look back and a preview of the future.  As a first step, the first president of the AOSA, Ray Myers, O.D., met with the 50th president, Andy Mackner, in St. Louis earlier this month to discuss how the organization evolved from an idea to self-sufficiency to an international organization with 7,150 members.

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