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A Day in the AOSA Headquarters

by Ana Bonaldi, MCPHS University School of Optometry Trustee-elect

by Ana Bonaldi, MCPHS University School of Optometry Trustee-elect

Even though many of us do not realize it, a lot of work goes on at AOSA headquarters for us to be able to enjoy all the benefits we get from our association. I chatted with our Executive Director Bob Foster, who gave me a lot of insight on what it is like there.
First, lets start with a little bit of history! The first AOA headquarters was established in Anna, Ill., in 1952; in a tiny house behind Dr. James Wahl’s office, who was the AOA president at the time. Then, in 1953 the headquarters was moved to St. Louis. In 1968 when AOSA started, it shared staff with AOA, so their headquarters was located in the same building as AOA. In 1978, both AOA and AOSA HQ moved to the building they still share – 243 N. Lindbergh Blvd, St. Louis.

As you can imagine, since the building is from the ‘70s, it was a little dated and showing signs of age – the windows were leaky, it was not well-insulated, and so on; therefore, they decided to renovate. Renovations started mid-August; AOA and AOSA staff will remain on the premises while the renovation goes on, so everyone will have to share their space for a little while!

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  1. Allison Charnley


    Are outside entities welcome to subscribe to Foresight Magazine to receive a hard copy?

    Thank you in advance for the information.


    • aosahq


      Hi Allison — I’d be glad to send you a copy of Foresight magazine. DM me at RFoster at (RAF)

  2. Luis Miguel Amaya Nieto


    Have a good day.

    I´m optometry student of La Salle University in Bogotá, Colombia. Actually, with other teamates (also students), we are interested in found The Colombian Association of Optometry Students (OPTOESCO). One of the main ideas, consist in articulate the national academy with international instances that could help us building our dream and your organisation is one of these. How we can obtain contact for interchange ideas borned of your experiences?

    Best regards.

    Luis Miguel Amaya Nieto

  3. Lina Zhang


    Hi there, I became a member of the AOSA pre-optometry club and i paid my fees 2 months ago. I was wondering when will I get my pin and mail confirming my membership. And i was wondering, other than viewing publications of AOSA, what can pre-optometry members do?

  4. Reply

    Hi, I just made an account as a pre-optometry member (like 20-30 minutes). However, I’ve tried several times to login but I keep getting an error message saying my email address is invalid. I’ve tried both the pre-optometry website and this website

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