What’s Your Residency Personality?cluff_whatsyourresidency

Have you considered doing a residency but didn’t know what type would best fit your career track? Have you had trouble deciding whether doing a residency is the right thing to do? This article will help you decide if a residency is right for you and what type of residency will help boost your career on whatever optometric path you choose. We’ll help you find your residency “personality.” Read More >

A Guide to Residency Applications and Deadlines

Opening doors for employment in the VA system or academia, acquiring advanced knowledge in a specialty setting, and gaining year’s worth of experience are all alluring advantages to doing a residency, but how does one go about getting a position? Read More >


Residencies and You

Everyone’s optometric goals are different. Perhaps you’ll be joining the family practice after graduation, working in corporate optometry, or starting a practice cold. Several of you are simply ready to start working and acquire that “real-world-optometry-experience” your professors are always talking about. Read More >

Have YOU considered a residency?



  1. Anedu Christian Chisom


    Yes I have considered it. My challenge is not on the area to specialize in but on the modalities involved especially for foreign optometrists.
    I’m Dr. Christian Anedu (optometrist), an alumnus of university of Benin, Benin city, Edo State, Nigeria. What are the step by step procedures that I need to follow as a foreigner to do my residency and can I do 2 residencies at the same time and does it last for just a year or more. Thanks in anticipation of your reply.

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