Hilary Chiem UHCO
The AOSA Board of Trustees works hard to find programs that can build your career, enhance your education or keep cash in your pocket.  We seek out opportunities that help you get the most from your education and set the table for future success.

We offer:

  • Innovative scholarships in public health
  • A step-by-step guide to transitioning to being a doctor
  • Access to some of optometry’s finest events and education
  • An array of tangible benefits that keep up with your education
  • The opportunity to be a leader and step up for your profession

The AOSA is proud to make a wide range of benefits available to its 6,500 members.  Coordinated with the Trustees and Trustee-Elects at each school, the benefits range from the intangible, such as knowing you are part of a robust, energized profession, to the tangible, such as clipboards, to the wearable, such as t-shirts.



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