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The AOSA Board of Trustees works hard to find programs that can build your career, enhance your education or keep cash in your pocket.  We seek out opportunities that help you get the most from your education and set the table for future success.

We offer:

  • Innovative scholarships in public health
  • A step-by-step guide to transitioning to being a doctor
  • Access to some of optometry’s finest events and education
  • An array of tangible benefits that keep up with your education
  • The opportunity to be a leader and step up for your profession

The AOSA is proud to make a wide range of benefits available to its 6,500 members.  Coordinated with the Trustees and Trustee-Elects at each school, the benefits range from the intangible, such as knowing you are part of a robust, energized profession, to the tangible, such as clipboards, to the wearable, such as t-shirts. Here’s an overview of how the benefits stack up for the 2014-15 school year:

First-year students

At orientation, students will get their most important benefit, an application to join the AOSA/AOA.  a clipboard sponsored by the Vision Council and AOSA, a tri-color highlighter from the AOA, lens cleaning cloths courtesy of Essilor (the host of the Varilux Optometry Student Bowl) and a t-shirt designed by a student, sponsored by the AOSA/AOA.



AOSA Benefits at PCO 12752046_10153979364221098_112935803_o


















Second-year students

Second-year students receive an AOSA lapel pin, AOA Academic Planner, a BV kit of behavioral vision tools from the College of Optometrists in Vision Development and can order business cards from the AOA.




covd kit






Third-year students

Third-year students receive a BV kit from the Optometric Extension Program Foundation (OEPF), continued access to business cards from the AOA and access to the Eyemaginations program, sponsored by Allergan’s Jumpstart program.


Fourth-year students

Any AOSA member can get business cards from the AOA, a trial lens kit from Valley Contax, access to AOA Compass and Optometry’s Career Center for help finding that first opportunity, insurance benefits from AOA Excel, and Eyemaginations software from the Allergan Jumpstart benefit, In addition, the discounted student rate for Optometry’s Meeting still applies for the meeting immediately after students graduate. And look for a first-time graduation gift from AOSA this year!

All students

All students get access to AOSA and AOA publications, including:

Firstlook logo

 Spring 2014 ForesightFocus









In addition, AOSA members have discounted registration to Optometry’s Meeting, access to travel grants and contests, are eligible to attend the AOA/AOSA Congressional Advocacy Conference.

To save money on textbooks, take advantage of AOSA’s partnership with Ridgevue publishing.

To help with your patient care, AOSA offers access to the Eyemaginations app, which features videos of common eye conditions.  It’s free, beginning in your third year, when you sign up for Allergan’s Jumpstart program.

If you are interested in obtaining, or consolidating, student loans, AOA Excel offers student loan programs

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