The AOA+ Leadership Society is a program for students to participate in during Optometry’s Meeting to build their leadership skills, advance their careers through networking, personal and professional development, and specialized education outside of the classroom.

Requirements of AOA+ Leadership Society 2018

  1. Be an AOA/AOSA/state association affiliate Member
  2. Register for Optometry’s Meeting (OM) by May 1st
  3. Attendance required at the following events/courses:
    • AOA+ Keynote Speaker, Alexa von Tobel, sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Vision
    • Education course sponsored by Luxottica
    • Minimum of  4 Pop-Up sessions
  4. Attend two of the following:
    • Contact Lens Education Course
    • Leadership Link, sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Vision
    • Vision Rehab Forum
    • Poster Session
    • One hour of OD CE
    • House of Delegates
  5. Participation in the following OM student events:
    • Essilor Optometry Student Bowl
    • Luxottica Live!

Program Completion Incentives

  • Honorable distinction at schools and colleges from AOA Faculty Liaisons
  • Annual AOA+ participation lapel pin
  • Annual certificate of completion
  • First pick of Leadership Link at OM 2018 (as available)
  • Reception invitation to AOSA Spotlight Featuring AOSA Legends
  • List their completion on all statements of personal accomplishment, including resume

Complete this form to apply for membership in the 2018 AOA+ Leadership Society.

Membership is contingent upon verified completion of AOA+ Leadership Society requirements. Students who have met all requirements for membership will be notified via email in July 2018.