Jumpstart app photoHow many times have you tried to explain an eye condition to a patient and were at a loss for words?  Now, thanks to Allergan, optometry students – starting in their third year— have access to the widely acclaimed Eyemaginations 3D Vision Simulation App.

Instead of struggling to describe the progression of a disease like glaucoma, students can use the Eyemaginations 3D app on an iPad to clearly show in an animation how the disease can impact the patients vision.

“By making the disease progression app widely available at no cost to students and new grads, we hope to enhance their clinical and patient counseling skills,” said Mark Risher, Senior Manager for Optometric Academic Development for Allergan.

“This app is a great tool for patient education. It’s really cool that you could draw on the pictures and show your patient where their abnormality is. And best of all, it is free for the students,” said Shaz Reza, IAUPR class of 2015.

“The download process was simple and fast and the settings/help button makes it a very easy tool to utilize and start using right away! I can easily navigate between conditions and I feel the program is VERY helpful for explaining, in layman’s terms, various ocular conditions, ”Christine Morra, SUNY AOSA Trustee, class of 2016

“Access to the Eyemaginations 3D patient counseling app for my iPad allows me to educate my patients concerning their individual eye health needs,” said Renee Lane, O.D., an UMSL 2012 graduate.

Optometry students who join Allergan’s JumpStart program will have access to the app which visually simulates disease progression of:

  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Age-Related Macular Degeneration
  • Dry Eye
  • Myopia
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Floater

By registering now for Optometry JumpStart, you can receive the Eyemaginations 3D app starting in your 3rd year and then upon graduation, you will receive additional benefits, such as:

  • Monthly support calls from a dedicated Allergan Sales Representative
  • Immediate access to samples of REFRESH®Brand Tears
  • Allergan Eye Care prescription product samples for patients who need them
  • Up-to-date information about Allergan Eye Care products
  • Savings programs to help manage costs for eligible patients
  • Disease-state educational materials
  • Invitations to speaker programs delivered by industry leaders
  • An optometry-dedicated newsletter

To get started in Allergan’s JumpStart program, , visit http://www.allerganoptometry.com/Jumpstart/.

Once you register and are in your 3rd or 4th year of optometry school, you will receive an e-mail providing instructions on how to access the 3D patient counseling app.  Please note: At this time, the patient counseling app is not available in Canada.

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