iBooks for Optometry Students
The AOSA is pleased to partner with Ridgevue Publishing to offer iBooks for optometry students that represent the next generation of educational materials. Included are instructional videos and animations, color photographs and figures, and glossary terms for reference and self-testing.

At $30 or less, they are substantially cheaper than traditional textbooks.

AOSA Rebate
AOSA members receive a $3 rebate on all Ridgevue Publishing iBooks over $25; if you also “Like” Ridgevue on Facebook, you’ll receive $5.
 Email your receipt from the iTunes store to publish@ridgevue.com and specify whether you’d like to receive an e-check or a PayPal transfer.

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Geometric Optics – Mark A. Bullimore: $19.99 (https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id905543121)

Rutstein’s Atlas of Binocular Vision – Robert P. Rutstein: $29.99 (https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id883322912)

Ophthalmic Optics, Spectacle Lenses and Dispensing – Mark A. Bullimore: $29.99

The Psychophysical Measurement of Visual Function – Thomas T. Norton: $29.99

Getting the most from these iBooks

These are very different from a printed textbook or a pdf document:

  • They contain videos and animations (except The Psychophysical Measurement of Visual Function)
  • If you tap on blue text it will reveal a glossary term. These are also automatically assembled into a set of study cards.
  • Grey text represents a link to an external source. This may be a scientific paper, a video or technical data. If it’s a pdf, you can then open it in iBooks and it will be saved to your library.
  • Red text represents a link to a bookmark elsewhere in the book. Tapping will take you to another relevant section.
  • You can expand the photos and videos to full screen with a tap or a pinch-out gesture.
  • Finally, you can highlight text to create your own notes and study cards. These are automatically converted to study cards.


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