by Dominic Rentz, Midwestern University Arizona College of Optometry Trustee-elect

by Dominic Rentz, Midwestern University Arizona College of Optometry Trustee-elect

CovalentCareers ( is a new professional development website for optometrists that launched in May. Already making huge strides for our profession, its potential is even greater.

Co-founded by two optometrists, a physical therapist, and a software engineer, the goal of the website is to give both employees and employers a simple yet effective way to find jobs that fit their goals and interests.

The website is available to optometrists of all levels, from first year in optometry school to near retirement. CovalentCareers opens doors to all avenues of optometry. Employers range from private practice options to researchbased settings to industry partnerships.

One future plan for the website is to expand beyond optometry and include other medical professions. Job seekers create free profiles that include their biography, experiences, interests, resume, and more. This generates a database for practices to research and connect with the employees they would like to interview and eventually hire.

At the same time, employees are paired with several practices that align with their location and workplace preferences according to algorithms designed by the site creators. Job seekers are able to message these practices to find the employer they feel suits them best. This innovative process gives both the employee and employer the ability to find their perfect match.

Optometry students are encouraged to create profiles and see potential job opportunities they would match with upon graduation. AOSA past president and co-founder of CovalentCareers, Ryan Corte, O.D. noted, “There is never a time where it is too early to look ahead and start planning for the future.”

Currently, employers cannot see student profiles and cannot contact them; students are able to see practices but cannot contact them. CovalentCareers serves to prevent confusion for practices while giving students an idea of the opportunities available. A planned feature is allowing student-student connections. While not available yet, the founders see this tool beneficial to students by promoting networking and opening doors that may lead to new career opportunities.

I will sum up this article by relating my personal experience with CovalentCareers. Making my student profile was quick and simple. Within minutes the website was already pairing me with dozens of opportunities across the U.S. (I did not specify I wanted to practice in a specific location or city). This website assured me there are plenty of amazing job opportunities out there once I graduate.

I recommend all of you visit, make a profile, and see for yourself.