The AOSA is proud to make a wide range of benefits available to its 7,100 members.  Coordinated with the Trustees and Trustee-Elects at each school, the benefits range from the intangible, such as knowing you are part of a robust, energized profession, to the tangible, such as clipboards, to the wearable, such as t-shirts. Here’s an overview of how the benefits stack up for the 2017-18 school year:

First-year students

At orientation, students will get their most important benefit, an application to join the AOSA/AOA.  a clipboard sponsored by the Vision Council and AOSA, a tri-color highlighter from the AOA, lens cleaning cloths courtesy of Essilor (the host of the Varilux Optometry Student Bowl) and a styling ballcap.

Second-year students

Second-year students receive an AOSA lapel pin, a charger bank and can order business cards from the AOA.

Third-year students

Third-year students receive continued access to business cards from the AOA and access to Allergan’s Jumpstart program.


Fourth-year students

Any AOSA member can get business cards from the AOA, along with a business card holder for graduates. In addition, the discounted student rate for Optometry’s Meeting still applies for the meeting immediately after students graduate.

All students

All students get access to AOSA and AOA publications, including:

Read the Fall 2017 issue here.

















In addition, AOSA members have discounted registration to Optometry’s Meeting, access to travel grants and contests, are eligible to attend the AOA/AOSA Congressional Advocacy Conference.

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