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Studying optometry outside the United States and Canadal? The American Optometric Student Association invites you to join AOSA as an International Student Member. You get access to the AOSA’s website and publication and a chance to learn more about education in the 23 schools of the United States and Canada.  Join here.


  1. rabia murtaza


    i am optometry student its my 4th year going…..i wanted to learn more about optometry ….that,s why i join this association …Thanks

  2. Reply

    Good morning sir/ma’am,
    My name is Michael a veteran in the United stated Army Reserve. I got accepted to pursue my dream as “Doctors of optometry (ODs) where upon graduation will be the primary health care professionals for the eye in the united states Army. I’m seeking a scholarship to assist with the cost of tuition. please provide me necessary forms and application guide

    Respectfully sent,
    Michael Kagiri
    316 993 0550

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