Still an undergrad, faced with lots of school choices and confronted by lots of information?  The AOSA, representing 98 percent of ALL optometry students, has more than 7,200 members who can relate!

Visit the AOSA site for Pre-Optometry Students to learn much more.

Start getting involved now, by joining the AOSA as a student member.  You’ll have the opportunity to access publications, follow us on social media,  and most important, show your support for a unified, engaged corps of students.

Dues are $20, and sign up is easy.*  To get started, visit here.

Attention Pre-Optometry Student Societies! For every group of 25 students who join, your chapter gets back $250.  

Thank you for considering optometry school and congratulations on your work so far!

Interested in learning more about the health care professions from current students?  Check out this set of links:

*Dues rate effective July 1, 2017

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