Nicholai Perez IAUPRThe mission of the American Optometric Student Association is “to enhance the education and welfare of optometry students, improve the visual welfare and health of the public, to promote the profession of optometry and a lifelong commitment to the AOA and AOA state affiliates.”

The AOSA is committed to promoting the optometric profession, enhancing the education and welfare of optometry students, as well as enhancing the vision and ocular health of the public. This website is designed to provide information to future, current and past students of optometry.

The AOSA represents more than 7,100 students attending the 25 schools and colleges of optometry throughout the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. Each school has a unique AOSA chapter which works hard to raise thousands of dollars for community outreach and dedicates hundreds of hours in community service. Each school is represented on the AOSA Board by a Trustee and Trustee-Elect. These individuals are some of the hardest-working optometry students at all the schools. They have a deep passion for optometry and work to keep students informed about issues important to aspiring optometric physicians. Most importantly, these individuals work to be a channel of communication between the schools and the AOSA.


AOA Trustees/AOSA Trustees: What’s the Connection?

by Andy Mackner, Pacific University College of Optometry Trustee

by Andy Mackner, Pacific University College of Optometry Trustee

I will never forget my first cell phone. I was in eighth grade, and it was a blue LG flip phone. My parents got me the phone so I could communicate with them – but let’s be honest – it was my friends that I really wanted to talk to. As I learned to use my new phone, I also learned a new type of language for texting: LOL, OMG, SMH, WYWH, and the list goes on. Despite this language being foreign to my parents, it was second nature to me.

In optometry school, you’re also going to learn a new language. At first, the language of our profession may seem confusing and foreign, but with time you will master the vernacular just as you master your clinical skills.

Of this vernacular, two acronyms that have significant importance to you and to our profession are the American Optometric Association (AOA) and the American Optometric Student Association (AOSA). Read Full Article…


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