Register now for Optometry’s Meeting®, June 21-25, 2017!

Register now for Optometry’s Meeting®, June 21-25, 2017! Here are the top four reasons you’ll want to join us in Washington, D.C., at Optometry’s Meeting and AOA+: → LEARN NEW THINGS: Reap the benefits of the same educational program doctors of optometry pay hundreds to get. Optometry’s Meeting offers 180+ hours of education available to

AOSA President: Strong Profession, Lasting Legacy

AOSA President Erick Henderson (SCO 2017) addressed the AOA House of Delegates on July 2, describing the student perspectives toward their fellow millennials, thanking to those who have fought for the privileges students now enjoy and vowing to continue using the resources of the AOSA to ensure the profession is strong and ready for the

More than 300 optometry students part of AOA advocacy on Capitol Hill

Advocates for optometry took a united message directly to Capitol Hill and federal agency officials April 19 — that AOA doctors and AOSA/AOA-member students will do whatever it takes to better safeguard patient health and ensure that millions more Americans have expanded access to the doctor of optometry-provided comprehensive eye and vision health care services

Spring Foresight covers all aspects of student life

Stocking the pockets of your white coat. Finding a home in your future profession. Experiencing true love with a classmate. Becoming a lifelong advocate for optometry. It’s all in the Spring 2015 issue of Foresight, AOSA’s magazine, written by AOSA’s trustees and trustee-elects to share hard-earned experience and reflect on the community of optometry students.

Allergan photo contest could take you to Optometry’s Meeting®

How do you best depict dry eye? Is it desert scenery or a gritty field? Something abrasive or scorching? Your photo could win you a $200 travel grant (or even more) to Optometry’s Meeting® in June in Seattle, courtesy of Allergan! Enter your photo and a 25-word-or-less description here. Entries accepted until May 15th at