Meredith Young

MCPHS University Trustee, Class of 2022

POSTED ON 09.28.20

Student Success & Residency

A Timeline To Boards

“This is the most important test you’ll take in your career.” These words that have been spoken to me time and again always bring a sense of anxiety and stress. However, it’s always been a “future Meredith” problem to address, and I was fine letting her deal with that burden. The semesters have quickly sped by and now as a freshly minted third-year optometry student, I’m tasked with boards Part I, II, and III preparation. I initially had no idea where to begin, and since I have not taken or prepared for boards yet, I have sought the guidance of many current 4th fourth-years and recent graduates to summarize a timeline approach for boards preparation. Students should initially visit the NBEO website to learn what is expected on Part I, II, and III of boards. Specific registration dates will also be provided via the NBEO website.